mCommerce Fueling Growth of Mobile Internet Revenue; Travel Bookings on Mobile Rising – Appboy Weekly 7

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AUGUST 25 – 29

1. Pinterest and Twitter unveil analytics platforms.
In good news for both brands and individual power users, Pinterest and Twitter have broadened the scope and reach of their analytics platforms. The new Pinterest platform is targeted towards brands that have been running ads, giving them a better idea of pin performance to help in budgeting. Twitter, which had given access to analytics for select advertisers and verified users before, now expands its availability to all individual users. VentureBeat (8/26); VentureBeat (8/27)

Perfect Your Multivariate Tests

multivariate-test-02Multivariate testing is a challenging but crucial component of mobile marketing, so it’s important that you master the basics. Last week at the Optimizing Mobile Apps meetup hosted at Appboy’s office, the Success Squad presented some quick yet effective tips on how to perfect your multivariate tests. These tips cover the benefits of multivariate testing, general rules to keep in mind, simple things that you can run tests for and what to do with your results.

Academy Weekly Notes: Engaging Active Users and Understanding Multivariate Test Results


Happy Monday, app marketers! Here’s a rundown of the new tips and hacks that were recently added to Appboy Academy:

Majority of Time Is Spent In Apps; Retailers See Mobile Sales Soar – Appboy Weekly 7

Appboy News Banner_4AUGUST 18–AUGUST 22

1. It’s official. Consumers now spend the majority of their digital time with apps.

In yet another huge milestone for mobile, Comscore has released its latest research findings, which show that U.S. consumers spend 52% of their digital time exclusively with mobile apps. This is more than desktop and mobile browsing combined. In addition, the report indicates that the average smartphone user downloads three apps per month, and more than half use apps on a daily basis. TechCrunch (8/21)

Lessons Learned About Mobile App Monetization (Feat. Fitocracy) Recap


Meetup organizer Dave Goldstein with Vik Panda and Jared Cocken from Fitocracy.

Another month, another great Meetup. Yesterday Appboy had a blast hosting the Optimizing Mobile Apps Meetup group’s talk on app monetization. Vik Panda and Jared Cocken from Fitocracy had a lot of valuable things to say about this topic – check out the five key takeaways from the conversation below.

Academy Weekly Notes: Multivariate Testing, Sunset Policies and Badge Counts


Each week, Appboy Academy is updated with more tips, best practices and how-tos. To keep you on top of the latest mobile marketing secrets, here’s a recap of what was added last week:

  • Appboy decodes what it means for an email recipient to be opted-in, subscribed or unsubscribed.
  • Learn four rules for multivariate testing that you should never break. Follow these guidelines to help ensure accurate, informative tests!

Global Smartphone Shipments Hit 300 Million; mCommerce Makes Its Mark in Latin America – Appboy Weekly 7

Appboy News Banner_41. Facebook in hot water over poorly received messenger app
Facebook’s somewhat controversial rollout of its standalone messaging app has not been received well, by all accounts. An estimated 95% of user reviews have given it a one-star rating – the lowest rating possible – citing complaints that Facebook forced the migration on it users, and also that the new app didn’t add any additional value to existing Facebook app features, while taking up precious memory and battery use. Forbes (8/15)