Introducing the Newest Member of the Success Squad

Success Squad


As the most recent member of the Appboy Success Squad, I wanted to take this week’s email to introduce myself. My name is Harrison Seitz. I was born and raised in Alaska, transplanted to Boston for college and have now joined the team here in New York City. Interests include reading, traveling to new places, cooking for friends, and debating politics and philosophy.

Special Offers Increase Mobile Opt-In Rates; Marketers Must Think Mobile-First – Appboy Weekly 7

APRIL 14 – 18

1. Email messages need to be immediately meaningful for mobile users
As the percentage of emails opened on mobile rises, marketers must make sure that their emails are catered to various mobile devices. Companies should use email-safe fonts that work on all devices and include a distinct call to action. They should also ensure that everything included in the message is necessary and not overwhelming for the user. Responsive design is also key to guarantee that emails are scaled properly for mobile devices, eliminating the need for zooming. Mobile Marketer (4/14)

The Definitive Guide to In-App Messaging

Success Squad

When it comes to assembling your mobile strategy, push notifications and email are no longer enough. You’ve already been introduced to our News Feed, and now we want to shine the spotlight on the importance of in-app messaging. This time-sensitive communication channel is a way to present information organically to your users, can seamlessly encourage desired actions and much more.

To discover how in-app messaging can better your app, view our report which covers:

Find Us This Spring at the M1 Summit and MongoDB World


It has finally begun to feel like spring, and just like everyone else, we’re taking things out of the office to celebrate.

On May 20th, the first annual M1 (Mobile-First) Summit will be taking place at the Grand Hyatt in New York, and our very own CEO/Co-Founder Mark Ghermezian will be appearing on a panel to discuss Mobile Enterprise and CRM. Whether you’re in town for Internet Week or around and invested in the future of mobile engagement, this will be one talk you shouldn’t miss (10:05 AM, conference from 9 AM–6 PM; 109 E. 42nd St.; buy tickets).

Security Notice: Appboy Is Not Vulnerable to Heartbleed

Appboy Developer image

If you haven’t heard – the internet was recently exposed to a serious security threat called the Heartbleed bug. We are pleased to report that Appboy was not impacted by this issue, and our regular patching and maintenance schedule helps keep us protected against vulnerabilities such as this.

Data at Appboy is not at risk, but should you have any outstanding questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email us at

Mobile Outpacing Desktop Internet Ad Growth; Mobile Commerce and Payments Growing Quickly – Appboy Weekly 7

APRIL 7 – 11

1. Finally, World Ad Economy Returns To Pre-Recession Ad Expansion: Mobile To Leapfrog Radio, Mags, Outdoor
Publicis’ ZenithOptimedia Group estimates that the advertising economy has returned to the level that it was before the 2007 financial crisis. This predicts that the global ad economy will grow 5.5% this year to reach a total of $537 billion thanks to a significant increase in mobile ads. Mobile advertising is now growing six times faster than desktop internet ads and is expected to grow 50% a year between 2013 and 2016. MediaPost (4/7)

5 Key Mobile Metrics to Track

Success Squad

Whether you’re gearing up for a marathon, grilling a steak or trying to meet an aggressive deadline at work, checking in and measuring progress is important.

When looking at your mobile strategy, regularly monitoring the effectiveness of your app campaigns is equally crucial. No long-standing business can operate in the dark. Mobile expert or not, here are key metrics to track to evaluate your progress, goals, expectations and more.

Mobile Video Consumption Rising; Increase in Smartphone Usage in the U.S. – Appboy Weekly 7


1. Breaking News Is the Top Reason for Mobile News App Usage
42% of mobile news app users consider breaking news alerts to be the top reason for their app usage. The second most important category is national news, with 18% of consumers citing it as important. Getting breaking news is more important on smartphones than tablets, primarily because smartphones are more portable than tablets. Despite this app usage, about ¾ of U.S. consumers do not have news subscriptions. eMarketer (3/31)

Become a Mobile Marketing Expert Using Appboy Academy


Until recently, only enterprise clients could routinely benefit from the services of our Success Squad – a dedicated, elite group consisting of members specially chosen for their technical and mobile marketing skills. With the release of Appboy Academy, a one-stop, all-inclusive educational resource for marketers, their insight is accessible to all at any time. Smaller, independent developers and newcomers to mobile marketing can empower themselves with the knowledge, skills and best practices necessary to help engage their app audience.