New Dashboard User Permissions and App News Feed Categories

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Generally a marketer wouldn’t write company code, and a developer wouldn’t write copy, so why provide them with the same dashboard access?


With our recently launched User Permissions feature, enterprise clients are now able to define roles for each member of their team. On the “Manage Users” page, you can designate Administrators who have unlimited access to the dashboard, or Limited users who can only contribute to the App Groups you specify. If you have separate teams managing different apps at your company, you can now better control who sees and impacts your users’ mobile experience.

Cost Per Loyal App User Exceeds $2; Mobile Requires New Email Marketing Tactics – Appboy Weekly 7

JULY 21 – 25

1. App Stores Face Regulatory Pressure on Mobile Game Purchases
Regulators are starting to demand different labels for games that utilize the freemium model and those that are actually free. Google is no longer permitting mobile games with in-app purchases to be labeled as “free” in Europe. Google is also planning to create guidelines to prevent developers from targeting children. The Wall Street Journal (7/21)

Multivariate Testing Is LIVE; Now You Can Be FEARLESS

multivariate-test-02How much is confidence worth? When it comes to mobile marketing, I say a lot.

When a mobile marketer sends out a campaign, whether by push notification, email or in-app message, they have to be supremely confident that every communication will work.

It’s go big, or be sent packing (by your users).

Multivariate Testing is the supreme confidence builder, and now it is ready for use by enterprise Appboy customers.

Google Play Terms of Service Are Changing on August 1

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Google Play is changing its terms of service by deprecating the Android ID and moving to the Advertising Identifier. Now users will have more control over the information that’s distributed, as well as the ability to opt out of advertising, increase privacy and more. With our 1.4.1 release, Appboy is fully compliant with this new change, so please take a moment before then to install the new SDK. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

iPads Driving Mobile Commerce Growth; Consumers Prefer Apps Over Mobile Browsers – Appboy Weekly 7

JULY 14 – 18

1. Retail apps with store mode drive up to 5x more interactions
In-store mobile app use has almost doubled in the past year. 41% of consumers now actively use mobile apps to search for information while they shop. Some retailers are creating separate modes that use location technology to provide in-store shoppers with relevant information based on where they are in the store. Mobile Commerce Daily (7/14)

Creating Apps With Longevity in Mind Meetup Recap


Meetup organizer Dave Goldstein and Chris Tarrow from AMI. 

Recently Appboy had the pleasure of hosting the Optimizing Mobile Apps Meetup group in our brand new office. If you weren’t able to make the discussion featuring American Media, Inc.’s Chris Tarrow, don’t fret. You can sign up for Success Squad office hours this Thursday, July 24th, via this link, and find five key quotes and takeaways below.

How to Create Community With News Feed Content

Success SquadBoring brands don’t last – absolutely no one wants to discuss or share material that puts them to sleep. To get people excited about your product, you need to create a worthwhile user experience that truly excites users and makes them want to be evangelists. Your chances to talk to your app audience are limited, so make the most of each opportunity by creating a dynamic community supported by user activity. Follow these three simple steps to make it happen…

Fifty Companies Dominate App Store Sales; Mobile Used for Purchase Decisions – Appboy Weekly 7

JULY 7–11

1. 2015 set to be the year of the tablet
Research from Gartner shows that global tablet sales are finally expected to exceed PC sales in 2015. Tablet sales will rise beyond 320 million units next year while PC sales are expected to total 316 million. Despite this growth, tablet sales are expected to slow down in 2014, totaling 256 million units by the end of the year. The growth of tablets will be attributed to lower prices instead of better functionality. Marketing Week (7/7)

Motivate and Engage Users – Solutions for Boosting Customer Retention Report


App downloads are great, but they don’t spell success. Recently we collaborated with the Application Developers Alliance on a report focusing on increasing app user engagement and customer retention, which helps drive monetization. Download it to discover targeted ways to keep your audience interested and invested in your mobile offering. Topics include onboarding tips, suggestions on how to maximize communication effectiveness, ways to generate feedback and more.