Watch Siri in Action on the iPhone 4S and Have your Mind Blown. Seriously! (VIDEO)

By: Hillel Fuld

While Apple’s recent event in which the company announced the all new iPhone 4S might have been disappointing, and while the lack of an iPhone 5 made me want to cry (not really, I am not THAT geeky), reading the coverage of the event makes me want to laugh. All the big tech journalists, with very few exceptions, are unwilling to admit that Apple has disappointed. It’s as if, Steve Jobs, um, I mean Tim Cook, has them under some sort of spell.

There is this post for example. And this, along with many more. People, you all know you wanted to an iPhone 5! In fact, no one can blame you with the millions of rumors about such a device circulating the Web for months! But the iPhone 5 never came. Nor did the iPad Facebook app, or the app rentals. Apple has let us down and it is ok to say it. But, wait, there is some good news.

Siri, the new personal assistant that will come with the iPhone 4S, and to my utter disappointment will NOT work on the iPhone 4, is freakin unbelievable! By now, I am sure you read about Siri but just in case you have not, let me sum it up for you.

You know how talking to your phone never felt natural before? You know how somehow when you told your phone to “Call mom” it somehow heard “Call my ex girlfriend who I have not spoken to in ten years but kept her phone number just in case one day, she’ll take me back”? Yea, well, today that all changes.

Siri recognizes natural speech, as in words and sentences that you would regularly say to, let’s say, a person. You can ask it questions, have it complete tasks for you, and much much more. Why read my explanation when you can just watch it in action, right?

Check out Siri on iPhone 4S in action and tell me you did not, at one point or another in this video, think to yourself “Woh, this IS the future”. You can also watch the official Apple Siri video below, and we all know how much we love Apple videos. Enjoy!

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“Watch Siri in Action on the iPhone 4S and Have your Mind Blown. Seriously! (VIDEO)”