iPhone 5 Measurements Revealed, Compared Side by Side to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (VIDEO)

By: Hillel Fuld

Today, all the hundreds of rumors surrounding the highly anticipated iPhone 5 are put to rest. Apple sent out the official invite to the Oct 4th event entitled “Let’s Talk iPhone”. Of course, bloggers are already analyzing the invite Apple sent to mean there will be only one new iPhone. These people have too much time on their hands and need something new to blog about now that the date is confirmed.

The latest iPhone 5 drama is that an iPhone 5 prototype had recently gone missing from the Shenzhen district. The result is hundreds of iPhone 5 cases making the rounds in China, as MicGadget reports.

When there are iPhone 5 cases around, it means one thing. Time for someone to do an in depth comparison video of the cases and how they stack up against current Apple devices. And so I present to you the video below. You gotta hand it to them, it is done very well.


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