Hands Down the Best Apple Parody: The Nail Clipper Air

By: Hillel Fuld

If you read the 2011 best seller Steve Jobs bio, you know just how much thought and preparation goes into an Apple ad. The  famous 1984 ad for example, which was later labeled as one of the best campaigns in history was a long process and debate in the Apple board rooms. Of course, Steve Jobs’ opinion prevailed and the ad aired despite its controversial message and like I said, became a huge hit.

Since then, Apple has had some major successes in the advertising space with one of the best campaigns being “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC“, you know you loved em. Well, Apple latest commercials are less funny and more exciting to watch. It always cracks me up to hear just what crazy adjective Apple came up with to describe their latest technology, whether it’s “best”, “awesome”, “revolutionary”, “exciting” or many other words Jobs and other Apple execs use over and over to describe Apple products.

Well the Macbook Air ad was no different. You can watch that here. The thing with these ads is that they are so over the top, irrelevant of your love or hate for Apple products, that they just beg for people to make fun of them. For every Apple ad, there are probably five parodies across the Web. There is this one, this one, and this one to name just a few of hundreds of others.

My favorite one is the Nailclipper Air ad, which you can see below, but please PLEASE share your favorite Apple parodies in the comments, these things crack me up!

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“Hands Down the Best Apple Parody: The Nail Clipper Air”