Facebook for iPhone Gets a Long-Awaited Update: Push Notifications

By: Aaron

We live in an era where social networking has taken over some people’s lives, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook. There are a plethora of Twitter clients already out there, many supporting push notifications. What about Facebook? Does it have push notifications? Not until today. That’s right, Facebook 3.1 for the iPhone is now in the App Store (update if you haven’t done so already). There are two new features: contact syncing, as well as the main new feature, push notifications. A very, very long-awaited feature in Facebook for the iPhone platform. It has indeed come a long way.

Remember back a while ago when Joe Hewitt had announced that Facebook for iPhone would eventually have push notifications? This is it. Previously, you had to use boxcar to receive push notifications for the Facebook App, but not anymore.

If you don’t have the Facebook Application yet, you can always pick it up for free.

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