Millennials Favor Personalized Emails; Push Opt-Ins Drop Below 50% – Appboy Weekly 7

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April 11–17

1. Push Notification Opt-In Rates Continue to Drop
According to a new study, the average opt-in rate for notifications has dropped to 43%, with users getting increasingly selective about granting permissions to certain apps. While a bad messaging strategy will undoubtedly fuel opt-outs (that’s why targeted elements like personalization are key), the more important take-away is to not put all your eggs in one push-notification basket. A strategic multi-channel approach remains the best way to engage 100% of your mobile users. AdWeek (4/15)

It’s Time to Audit…Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


As Tax Day rolls around here in the U.S., you’re probably scrambling to double check your paperwork (or smiling smugly as family and friends do this). Although you may hope to avoid an audit, Appboy recommends that you actually run one yourself – on your mobile marketing strategy. Reviewing your campaigns, segmentation, data collection and workflow allows you to understand what you’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement.

Mobile Updates: New In-App Message Types and Features, and Custom Android Push

As part of the most recent releases of our iOS and Android SDKs, we’re excited to announce sweeping updates to our messaging and customization options. Two new in-app message types (Modal and Full), new icon, image and color options, and the addition of clickable message buttons are actively supported in our SDKs (and will be appearing on the dashboard soon). In the meantime, we’re pleased to share that the ability to fully customize Android push messages is currently available.

#engage Mobile Influencers: Hipmunk’s Neha Sharma


Each month, the #engage Mobile Influencers interview series profiles experts, thought leaders and rising stars in mobile, giving them an opportunity to share their personal experiences, preferences and predictions when it comes to mobile.

Neha Sharma

Hipmunk’s Neha Sharma

Today we’re talking with Neha Sharma, Android Lead for premier digital travel company Hipmunk. Take a look!

Appboy: How did you get involved with mobile?

Academy Weekly Notes: Rate-Limiting


Achieving high open rates after a successful campaign is always exciting for marketers, but the spike in traffic may be less fun for your app’s servers. Appboy’s new rate-limiting feature allows you to limit the number of messages your campaign sends per minute, thus spreading your audience’s engagement over a longer period of time. The influx of app users will be less sudden, so campaigns with widespread appeal (such as special promotions) are far less likely to crash your servers. Appboy Academy’s guide on rate-limiting details how to make use of this feature and its delivery rules.

A Bigger and Better Appboy Dashboard

Products_Announcments_2As laptop technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, internet users have increasingly flocked toward wider screen resolutions. The introduction of Retina displays has allowed sites to pack more content into a smaller package than ever before, allowing websites to share richer and fuller displays with their users.

Power Users Dominate Mobile Game Revenues; Facebook Apps Tops for Android Retention – Appboy Weekly 7

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April 4–10

1. Nearly 2/3rds of Mobile Game Revenue Generated from 0.23% of Game Users
The fact that a small number of mobile users are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of app revenue has been widely known for a while, but new statistics are spotlighting just how small that slice of users actually is. Only 2.3% of mobile game users spent money on in-game purchases, up from 1.5% last year, and 0.23% of gamers were responsible for an astonishing 64% of total game user revenue. Numbers like that really drive home the importance of identifying and building engagement among your app’s power users. VentureBeat, Investor’s Business Daily (4/9)

Meetup Recap – MallTip and Stray Boots/Bobby Pin Cover the Ins-And-Outs of Launching a New App


On Tuesday night, Appboy HQ played host to this month’s super-sized #Engage Mobile App Meetup, featuring not one, not two, but three notable players in the mobile space: retail discount app MallTip, Stray Boots Inc., creator of the scavenger hunt Stray Boots app and the forthcoming social mapping app Bobby Pin, and Appboy, everybody’s favorite mobile marketing automation platform!

Whenever, Wherever: Understand Your Campaign Scheduling Options


Every savvy marketer knows that timing is key, which is why Appboy provides multiple scheduling options that will empower you to reach users at precisely the right time. Ample flexibility, however, may cause uncertainty over which type of schedule best fits with your campaign’s goals. To help you get the most out of Appboy’s platform, we’ve created this handy guide that reviews your scheduling options and best practices:

Option 1 – Send campaign immediately

Appboy Launches Support of Apple Watch Notifications


Whether you plan to buy one or not, there’s no disputing that the Apple Watch will make waves within the mobile industry. As daily devices make the jump from your pocket to your wrist, the relationship between brands and their customers will be taken a step further. This translates to an incredible opportunity to connect with your audience, and as the lead pioneers in the mobile industry, Appboy is excited to guide you through preparing for this transition and ensure you’ll be able to use wearables to engage with your user base in a way that’s both effective and embraced.