Facebook’s Messenger App Expands; Retailers Not Meeting Mobile Needs – Appboy Weekly 7

March 23–27

1. Facebook’s Messenger App Expands, Becomes Its Own Business Platform
Facebook’s F8 conference on Wednesday revealed the new and radically upgraded Messenger app, now a mobile app distribution platform in its own right. One of its most interesting features is the ability for businesses to use it as a customer support line, instead of the more cumbersome (and public) interface of their Facebook pages. Facebook is recognizing the value of user engagement for brands, and heading in that direction. AdAge (3/25)

Stay Current: Check Out These Essential Resources on Everything Tech & Mobile


When it comes to mobile, staying current is really important – nobody wants to lose out on opportunities because they’re not up to date on the latest developments in their field – and that goes double for all of us here at Appboy’s Success Squad. In order to stay on top of notable developments, best practices and emerging trends in the tech world, we’ve assembled a list of resources that we’ve found particularly relevant, useful and insightful.

Beer, Apps and Conversation: #Engage Meetup Hosts the Mobile Community


Last night the #Engage Mobile App Meetup welcomed a cross-section of the mobile community to Appboy HQ in Midtown Manhattan for PBR & Biz Cards, an informal networking event providing mobile-focused folk with the opportunity to meet, mingle and build relationships. It was the first time we’ve hosted a smaller-scale event like this and the greater mobile community came out in force! 

Liberate Your Mobile Marketing Data With Appboy Open Access

Appboy Open Access Blog

While the flexibility and portability of smartphones and tablets have played a major role in driving ongoing mobile growth, mobile marketers haven’t had that same freedom when it comes to gathering and acting on their user and campaign data. With Appboy Open Access, we are liberating marketers from the restrictions of proprietary dashboards, allowing them to  take advantage of Appboy’s Mobile Marketing Automation platform using existing technical solutions.

Academy Weekly Notes: Managing Your Dashboard Users


To make mobile marketing scaleable for you and your team, Appboy has implemented several features to ensure seamless collaboration. Check out Appboy Academy to learn how multiple team members can work together via our dashboard:

Don’t Crash Your Servers: Appboy Now Supports Message Rate-Limiting

Products_Announcments_2Appboy is pleased to announce a new feature that is sure to help effective marketers – message rate-limiting.

In most situations, marketers want their messages to reach users as soon as possible. But for apps with large user bases and particularly successful outreach, that can put them in a tricky spot – if all your users are receiving a marketing campaign at the same time, that raises the risk that a significant chunk of them will click through your messaging almost simultaneously, creating a sudden spike in traffic that can overwhelm servers for all but the most prepared companies.

Facebook Mobile App Ad CPI Average Hits $4.10; Google Play to Screen Apps – Appboy Weekly 7

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March 14–20

1. Facebook’s Mobile App Measurement Tool Drives Up CPI to $4.10
There’s no doubt about it – Facebook’s Mobile App ad platform is powerful and in demand, and this week the company released a new measurement tool that will help to further refine app download analytics. However, that popularity comes at a cost, and a steep one at that, with the average CPI climbing to a whopping $4.10. Business Insider (3/16)