Academy Weekly Notes: CSV Import


Appboy has long supported data imports into our system via REST API, but we now have another simple way for clients to upload external data to their Appboy dashboard: CSV Import. This new feature allows you to update both default and custom customer profile attributes, ensuring that your customer profiles incorporate all of available data.

To get you started, we’ve put together a breakdown of the steps needed to upload your own CSVs into Appboy. Check it out today!

Acquisition Costs Up 117%; iPhone 6s Sales Break Record – Appboy Weekly 7

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September 26–October 2

1. Marketers May Be Misunderstanding Holiday Shopping Habits
According to a new Holiday Shopping Survey, only 24% of shoppers begin their holiday shopping in September and October, but 60% of marketers have already begun their campaigns. In addition, 38% of shoppers say they won’t shop with a retailer without free shipping offers, but only 28% of all retailers offer free shipping. While 70% of retailers plan “door busters” sales, only 28% of holiday shoppers actually take advantage of them. The lesson, as always – base your strategy on what your customers actually do, not on what you assume. Retail Dive (10/1)

Only Good Content Will Save Marketers From Themselves

You can now block individual senders from your Gmail account with two simple clicks. Last week Google announced the most recent in a long history of updates to its core products designed to benefit user experience. Keyword stuffed articles with no value no longer rank well in search, and now graymail will have a harder time getting through to people, while SPAM is more likely than ever to get blocked.

Multi-Channel Messaging Can Increase Customer Retention by 130%

Most of the time, when someone downloads an app, they don’t stick around: the majority of apps lose 80-90% of new customers within 90 days. For most brands, these customer retention numbers are unsustainable in the long-term, threatening the success of their mobile efforts.


However, new research* carried out by Appboy has found that mobile messaging can have a significant impact on customer engagement and retention:

#engage Mobile Influencers: Avi Millman of Stray Boots and BobbyPin


Each month, the #engage Mobile Influencers interview series profiles experts, thought leaders and rising stars in the industry, giving them an opportunity to share their personal experiences, preferences and predictions when it comes to mobile.

This month, we’ll be talking to Avi Millman, co-founder and CEO of Stray Boots and BobbyPin, about his experiences in mobile, how to engage customers and a lot more. Take a look!

Academy Weekly Notes: Email Click Tracking and Influenced Opens


Marketers sending sophisticated email campaigns need sophisticated analytics to fully understand and act on the results. To help out, Appboy’s analytics dashboard supports multi-click tracking on email campaigns, giving marketers access to comprehensive heat maps showing where (and with what frequency) individuals are clicking on your messages. To learn more about this tool, check out Appboy Academy’s entry on creating email campaigns.

Retailers Slow to Personalize; Apple Watch Supports Native Apps – Appboy Weekly 7

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September 18–25

1. New York Times Struggles with Push Notifications Usage
As more news organizations launch apps and beef up their mobile messaging, the New York Times is examining its own use of push notifications. The piece highlights both the benefits of using push to drive app opens – breaking news push notifications reportedly can quadruple the Times’ digital audience – and the frustrations of readers receiving messages they have no interest in, especially those receiving the notifications on their Apple Watches. To avoid these sorts of issues, media outlets should segment their audience to ensure outreach is only sent to recipients who will find it relevant and valuable. New York Times (9/18)

Three Easy Onboarding Tips to Help You Get It Right From the Start

If your brand is serious about mobile, you need to be serious about onboarding.

As Appboy CRO Myles Kleeger recently explained, sustainable long-term relationships with your customers are an essential component of mobile success. Apps that showcase their value to new customers from that very first session are in a strong position to retain, engage and monetize their audience over the long haul.

Academy Weekly Notes: Personalizing Content with Conditional Logic


While 1:1 communication with your customers can boost engagement and conversion, crafting individually customized messaging can be time consuming if you don’t have the right tools. Appboy’s personalization feature makes it simple to run campaigns that dynamically pull in attributes from customer profiles. Plus, we allow you to use conditional logic within messages to deliver different content depending on individual customer traits. To help you leverage this feature, we’ve created a guide on Appboy Academy – check it out!