Learn How to Create an Effective RFP for Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms


When it comes to selecting a mobile marketing automation solution, many organizations miss the boat. It’s not that they aren’t interested in having the best possible platform, or that they’re unwilling to pay a fair price – it’s that their decision-making process is flawed. By requesting proposals based on the technology and software they’re currently using instead of focusing on the current (and future) needs of their marketing team, these companies risk relying on yesterday’s tools to reach tomorrow’s customers.

Academy Weekly Notes: Targeting Customers Based on Subscription Status


A customer’s email and push subscription status signals whether or not she’s interested in hearing from you via those channels, and should always be taken seriously. By reaching out only to those who have opted into communications, you are increasing both campaign engagement as well avoiding spam complaints and serious fines associated with laws such as CASL. Luckily, Appboy makes it easy for you to view and manage customers’ subscription statuses, as well as target campaigns based on this information. Read our Academy page to learn more about limiting campaigns to opted-in customers and creating segments based on customers’ subscriptions.

Introducing Appboy Community

Appboy Community Badge

We’re excited to announce a new initiative that gives all of our customers better access not only to Appboy’s best-in-class support, but also to each other’s knowledge and expertise. Appboy Community is an around-the-clock community forum, moderated by our very own Success Squad. Members of the Appboy family are able to use this resource in a variety of ways, from product troubleshooting to sharing campaign strategies to analyzing industry trends.

49% of Conversions Go Untracked; Rise of ‘Mobile Addicts’ – Appboy Weekly 7

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1. Changes to iOS 9 Notification Center Will Impact Mobile Marketers
The iOS 9 launch is right around the corner, and brands are gearing up to make sure their strategies are in line with the new features. One update, however, was not announced at the WWDC event, and can be a crucial new tool for marketers: the updated notifications system. iOS 9 will group notification center correspondences in chronological order, a shift from the current setup, which organizes them by app. In order to capitalize, brands must start proactively predicting the ideal times of engagement for each individual user, to make sure their notifications are top-of-mind. Check out our blog on iOS 9 messaging changes to learn more about how to make the most of this update. Mobile Marketer (7/23)

Updated Permissions in Android M: New Challenges and Opportunities


Android developers have traditionally had an easy time convincing people to opt-in. Customers installing an app have been greeted with a “Wall of Permissions” that encouraged them to grant blanket access to their device’s tools and data no matter what the app needed to correctly function. That’s about to change.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 10.49.36 AM

(l-r) Current install and “Wall of Permissions”

KIXEYE Talks Mobile Engagement Strategies

600_440049524 KIXEYE VP of Marketing, John Getze, presenting at this month’s #engage Meetup

Last night, mobile video game developer and publisher KIXEYE generously hosted and presented at this month’s #engage Mobile App Meetup in San Francisco. Marketers and developers (and a former astrophysicist!) came together to enjoy pizza and beer while discussing best practices for mobile engagement. If you missed out on all the fun due to yesterday’s 4.0 earthquake in California or just want a recap of the presentations, here are the event’s big takeaways:

Academy Weekly Notes: Responding to Customer Feedback


The relationship you have with your customers should include conversations, not just one-way monologues. Listening to their feedback is critical: it can let you know about technical issues within your app or point out user experience flaws you may have overlooked. Our dashboard makes it easy to recognize if the customer feedback is a general reaction or a technical issue, and responding to it is as simple as typing, choosing the message type and clicking “send.” By encouraging your customers to interact with your brand through your app, you can significantly reduce the chances that they’ll leave a negative review on Google Play or in Apple’s App Store.

‘Mobilegeddon’ Aftermath; New Updates for Android M – Appboy Weekly 7

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July 11–17

1. The Aftermath of Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’
In April, Google altered its search engine to favor websites deemed “mobile-friendly.” Though the impact was muted, a report from Adobe Systems found that websites not considered “mobile-friendly” experienced a 12% decline in traffic in the two months following the change. In turn, cost-per-click for these sites increased 16%, leaving them scrambling to increase their rankings. Wall Street Journal (7/15)

Build Stronger Customer Relationships With Multi-Channel Messaging


Today’s marketer has an abundance of messaging options, but too many organizations limit themselves to email and the occasional push notification, neglecting some of the most effective channels at their disposal. Marketing that relies on a single messaging channel is a recipe for failure: push notifications can be turned off, emails can go unread and customers who have stopped using your app aren’t going to see your in-app messages.

#engage Mobile Influencers: Saucey’s Chris Vaughn (Part Two of Two)


Each month, the #engage Mobile Influencers interview series profiles experts, thought leaders and rising stars in mobile, giving them an opportunity to share their personal experiences, preferences and predictions when it comes to mobile.

Last week, we talked to Chris Vaughn, Founder and CEO of alcohol delivery app Saucey (check out that blog post here). Chris was a guest speaker at May’s #engage Mobile App Meetup in San Francisco, but he had some additional insight about mobile marketing, messaging and customer engagement to share. Take a look!