IoT to Be Worth Trillions; Millennials Score Fake Birthday Deals – Appboy Weekly 7

Appboy News Banner_4June 27–July 2

1. The Internet of Things’ Estimated Value Projected to Hit $3.9 Trillion
Though many have tried to articulate the full value of the Internet of Things, McKinsey Global Institute released a report that predicts the range of IoT’s potential to be somewhere in between $3.9–11.1 trillion by 2025. Keeping that staggering figure in mind, the retail industry is expected to be impacted by a projected range of $410 billion to $1.2 trillion. The predicted reach of IoT in the retail sphere will likely “enhance the in-store experience” through the inclusion of automated checkouts, real-time advertising, inventory management and in-store promotions via beacon technology. GeoMarketing (6/29)

Appboy and Cheil Worldwide Create Global Partnership


Today Appboy’s intelligent CRM solution for mobile-first marketers and Cheil Worldwide – a South Korea-based leading marketing solutions company – announced a strategic partnership. The alliance will extend Appboy’s mobile marketing automation and CRM platform to Cheil clients, as well as provide Appboy clients with strong strategy, creative and analytics capabilities along with Cheil’s valuable expertise, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region.

Academy Weekly Notes: Global Rate Limiting


Worried that your efforts to build better relationships with your customers might be interpreted as spam? Here at Appboy, the Success Squad advises all customers to use our global rate limiting tool, which lets you fully customize how often your customers receive notifications. You can define specific limits, such as “each customer cannot receive more than two push messages in a given week,” that will be recognized across multiple campaigns, while still retaining the power to override these limits to let essential communications through. With one click, you can be confident that you aren’t over-messaging your customers.

78% of Consumers Insist on Personalized Marketing; Deep Linking Essential to Engagement – Appboy Weekly 7

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June 20–26 

1. Study Finds Deep Linking Crucial to App Re-Engagement
According to a new study conducted by Google and Ipsos MediaCT, the need of the hour is app re-engagement, and deep linking is a vital yet underutilized tool. Companies are spending a lot of time and resources on email and social content, only to wind up sending users to in-app locations that aren’t optimal. Integrating deep links across both web and mobile app content to create a cohesive user experience should be the goal. For more info, check out our Appboy tips to getting started with deep linking. AdWeek (6/22)

RelayRides and Vevo Discuss Improving Customer Experience With Segmentation

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.09.31 PM

RelayRides’ Adam Miller presenting at this month’s #engage SF Meetup

Earlier this week Pivotal Studios buzzed with energy as Appboy hosted another #Engage Meetup in San Francisco. Attendees came to eat, drink and be merry as they listened to RelayRides’ Adam Miller and Vevo’s Aaron Burcell speak about using segmentation to improve their mobile marketing strategies.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.14.12 PM

Vevo’s Aaron Burcell speaking with #engagers after his presentation

Academy Weekly Notes: Understanding Bounced Push Notifications


Push notifications have been an important part of mobile messaging for about as long as apps on smartphones have existed, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything more to learn about them. To that end, Appboy’s Success Squad would like to remind you about all the helpful push-related content on Appboy Academy, including our overview on what causes a push to bounce.

News Apps Still Need Curators; iOS 9 Enhances Notification Center – Appboy Weekly 7

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June 13–19

1. Editorial Curation Distinguishes News Apps from LinkedIn, Apple and Buzzfeed
Looks like there’s one job that technology can’t replace. LinkedIn, Apple and Buzzfeed have launched news apps, all of which are curated by professional editors. Digital news has struggled to find a viable revenue model, even as demand for information continues to grow. A crucial part of developing revenue is app stickiness – these companies may be hoping that the personal human editorial approach will ensure high quality content, leading to repeat visits and user loyalty. VentureBeat (6/18), Wired (6/17)

Meetup Recap – Zedge on Improving Your Push Campaigns With Testing and Segmentation

EDPZedge’s Eric doormouse Peltier presenting at this month’s #engage NYC Meetup

Last night, #engagers assembled at Appboy HQ in New York for the June edition of the #engage Mobile App Meetup to hear from Eric doormouse Peltier, a product marketer at mobile customization leader Zedge (and, of course, to drink beer, eat pizza and get in some serious networking).

Academy Weekly Notes: Updated In-App Message Formats


Appboy recently added exciting upgrades to our in-app message formats. In addition to communicating with users via our traditional slideup, you can now send a modal or full-screen in-app message, which can include an image, up to two call-to-action buttons, badge icons, customized colors and more. To learn about the three message types and the customizable features that come with each, check out our Academy page on this rollout and potential use cases.